The Tools

My facilitation work draws upon the Artful Tools documented in The Artful Teaching and Learning Handbook.*

Artful Tools are planning strategies and reflective protocols that learners or participants can use in their practice as artist, teacher, student, administrator. These tools help practitioners:

  • perceive deeply
  • think critically
  • make meaning

Ultimately, they help to build the critical literacy and leadership capacities of any team that collaborates and is conscious of socially just practices.

In the wake of my career beyond the classroom, I have had experience adapting these tools for a variety of settings working in professional, secular and religious environments.

RISE Project Scriptwriters Workshop: Zanzibar, East Africa

These adaptations range from using the Tuning Protocol to reflect on events, programs and initiatives with the Parish Council and Social Justice Committee at the Church of St. Philip in North Minneapolis, to helping hone a Discernment Series with the Visitation Monastery Sisters in the same North side community.  I have helped  modify the Descriptive Review and Critical Response protocol to facilitate a workshop for scriptwriters at the RISE Project (Radio Instruction to Strengthen Education) in Zanzibar, East Africa. I helped to grow the capacity of administrators in their communication with clients at NorthPoint Health and Wellness  and Gateway Families teaching the staff the Critical Response Protocol.

*Thank you to the Perpich Center for Arts Education and Minneapolis Public Schools for their documentation and development of these tools in the Artful Online Professional Development website. This language describing the protocols comes from this site.