On being angry in the middle of the night

ON Anger. A courageous look at this potent emotion that is at the heart of so much violence in our world, Cody examines an evening experiencing consuming rage, and what ensues when he seeks to transform the moment, albeit, through prayer. What an inspiration! What a gift such activity is to the world!

Brother Columba Maynus

Whenever somebody visits my apartment in North Minneapolis, I always make it a point to mention that my end of the neighborhood is relatively quiet and calm. I hear emergency sirens irregularly and then only faintly. The occasional loud car passes by–muffler spouting or stereo pumping. My neighbor’s dog will bark from time to time (which is almost always followed up by a louder shout for the dog to be quiet.) For the inner-city–and this close to downtown Minneapolis, at that–it’s relatively calm and quiet.

Well, I was woefully proven wrong last night. A very loud thud startled me awake at 4:38 in the morning. My mind instantly jumped to the worst possible scenarios: what fell and broke? Is Heidi okay? Who or what broke into the house? My panic is replaced with frustration as I listen a little closer and hear not footsteps or shattered glass, but R&B music. I’m…

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