Discernment Series: Planning Agenda

The following is a proposed agenda for the Visitation Sisters “Following the Spirit” Discernment Series planning meeting.  It’s an example of how I use Artful planning in creating an agenda to facilitate a meeting. This was emailed to my collaborators in advance for feedback and preparation.

Success for this meeting:
-Having a clear vision and goals for the Fall Discernment Workshop Series
-Each of us knowing what we will contribute, and how we will interact for the greatest possible turnout, and engagement and learning of session participants.
Proposed Agenda:
I. Open: Prayer (5 mins)
2. Grounding Exercise (5 mins) Possible ones: “Discernment is….(fill in the blank)” or: “A recent question or discernment I’ve been holding is: How is God calling me to…?”
3. REFLECT on the last Series. (35 mins)
-What worked well? (What do you see that makes you say this? What did you notice from reports/ experience?)
-Where were there gaps?
4. PLAN. Articulate goals and essential questions of this Workshop Series. (25 mins)
(Brainstorming Goals/Outcomes here:)
All participants will:
-have an understanding of the discernment process.
-be introduced to Francis and Jane and Salesian Spirituality. (defined.)
-have an opportunity to go through a discernment experience/ process and reflect on that.
-have an opportunity to discuss and apply the resource material to their own lives and articulate/ make this visible in some way.
-wrestle with their faith, understanding of the Divine at work in their lives and speak about this.
-build trust and rapport with other members, feel safe, and able to participate openly, according to their desire/ inclination.
-have an opportunity to return and be involved with the Nuns.

5. Brainstorm flow of each evening/resources. (35 mins)
From SK2: I could see something like this, for our respective responsibilities:
-Melissa starting us off, each time warming up the group (setting the stage for participation).
-Beth and I planning and giving content,
-Melissa planning and carrying out  the ritual at the end. And we need MABK(?) to  make sure the follow-up is set-up.
-(We meet after each session (that night? another time?))

6. Follow up/ Next steps. (7 mins)
Who will do what?

7. Evaluation: How did this meeting go? (7 mins)

Melissa Borgmann Kiemde
Visitation Vocations

We are looking for seven (more) women to be a prayerful presence in North Minneapolis.
Come Join the Sisters of the Visitation in North Minneapolis


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